Save the Dates - The who, what, & when

In my opinion, the save the date is just as important as the invitation. It announces your date, sets the location, and can give guests a peek into what your wedding may be like.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the most common questions I get about sending—or not sending—save the date announcements.

Do I have to send save the dates?

No, but we love them for giving friends and family a heads up, especially if they’re traveling! They’re also a great way to have some fun with design if you’re planning for a more traditional invitation suite.

When should I send the save the dates?

Six to eight months prior to your wedding date is ideal, but if the majority of your guests are coming from out of town, or even out of state, you can send them up to one year in advance. Any more than that and you risk being forgotten.

Bonus points if you can wrap them into a holiday card by customizing one of my designs!

When should I send the save the dates for a destination wedding?

Nine months to a year out. As soon as you have the venue and a block of rooms, you should give your guests the heads up so they can begin to book flights and hotel!

Who should I send the save the dates to?

Create two lists, A and B. A is for guaranteed invites, B is for guests that will be invited if you have room. A list gets a save the date, B list does not.

If you send a save the date, you are obligated to send a invitation.

Is it OK to send electronic save the dates?

Yes, but you risk your guests not seeing it, printing it, or writing down the date. You’re better off going the traditional paper route and creating a piece that guests can put on their fridge or in their date book. If you’re looking to cut costs, consider a postcard.

Need help getting your save the dates ready and in the mail? Contact me!